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Vibration Damper

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Vibration Damper

High bay luminaries with mercury sodium vapour lamps are extensively used in steel plants. Power plants and heavy engineering indsutries where these luminaires are subjected to severe vibration and shock round the clock, due to the traveling of busy overhead cranes moving in plants.

The normal guaranteed duration of a lamp is thus severely affected and due to which within a short period it gets fused and then replacement of lamps at a high bay roof truss becomes a hazardous job.

To install a damper (just suspend the luminaire from the damper) which would protect the costly lamps form the premature failure due to vibration and heavy shocks, Thus substantially saving on cost of the lamp, and which also saves labour and down time beacause of damper.

So, from the econcomical point of view the high bay dampers are indispenable for high bay luminaires to save very costly lamps fixed on it.

Application :

Suiable for melting shop, blooming, slabbing, rolling and sheet mill, heavy engineering shop etc.